Increasing of professional musical and pedagogical competence of a teacher of out-of-school educational institution by organizing self education activity


The aim of the article "The increase of the professional musical and pedagogical competence of a teacher of an out-of-school educational establishment by organization of self-educational activity" is to open ways and forms of organization of self-educational activity as an important component of the increase of professional competence of teachers of the out-of-school educational establishment (in particular, methodologists, leaders of groups of vocal direction and accompanists) on the example of the municipal establishment Sumy Children and Youth Palace. Self-educational activity in the municipal establishment Sumy Children and Youth Palace happens at the teacher’s initiative. However, for its motivation and realization, the clear organizational system is created by the efforts of the administration, methodologists, heads of departments, leaders of methodical associations. It includes individual, group and collective forms of work. These forms are interrelated. The information got during the individual work stimulates a teacher to share the own works by uniting in groups. In turn, the experience of the creative or dynamic group can become a subject of a collective seminar, s training or a summary conference. Self-educational activity of vocal groups leaders and accompanists of the Children and Youth Palace is occurred by the same scheme. In their activity the leaders of groups and accompanists use such methods and forms: conversations; exchange of ideas in relation to the pedagogical practice novelties; common modelling of lessons and educational arrangements; discussions and preparation of didactic material to the lessons; reciprocal visiting of the lessons and public events. Indisputably, motivation is important in organization of self-educational activity of group leader, accompanists, methodologists. Reasons to self-development of teachers of the Palace are various, both internal and external. Self-improvement, self-education are the important components of the teacher’s professional competence increase. For optimization of this process it is expedient to apply the organizational system that includes individual, group and collective forms of work. Self-education organization assists the effective increase of musical and professional competence of teachersmusicians (leaders of vocal groups, accompanists and others). An important aspect is realization of self-development necessity by the teacher, after all self-education not only provides the increase of the teacher’s professional level but also affects the pupils’ development

Keywords: professional competence, musical and pedagogical competence, self-educational activity, out-of-school educational establishment, forms of organization, individual work, group work, collective work, methods of motivation increase, a teacher of an out-of- school educational establishment, a group leader