Training of military specialists: systemic approach


The article deals with the problem of the functioning and dynamics of the development of the system of training of military specialists, which is determined by a number of factors. The system-forming didactic aspects of the military-pedagogical process of the Military Higher Educational establishment, which should increase the improvement of the quality of training of military specialists, are grounded, which are to ensure real and effective functioning in the military system. Education by the orientation of all types of personnel training, organization of comprehensive measures to improve the selection of candidates for study at the Military Higher Educational Establishment and principles of the integration of military education with civilian, changing views on the formation of a model of military specialist, structure, content, terms of training, theoretical and practical training, introduction of innovative pedagogical technologies with the following structural components: projective, procedural, diagnostic and monitoring, corrective; creation of a hierarchical structure in the military education system for monitoring research of the military-educational process. It was emphasized that in the competent model of a specialist the goals of education are related both to the objects and subjects of military service with the fulfillment of specific functions, and with the interdisciplinary integrated requirements to the result of the military-pedagogical process. It is concluded that the successful solution of the didactic aspects of the training of military specialists should ensure the transition to a new type of innovative military education that will contribute to the growth of military-professional, intellectual, cultural, spiritual and moral potential of military specialists, further dynamic development of military education, increase its prestige. In the future to the information society, a significant contribution to the case of a credible strengthening of the defense capabilities of the state and its Armed Forces.

Keywords: Concept, training of military specialists, set, systematic approach, didactic principles, specialty, content of education, monitoring