Training of future high school teachers to professional interaction as a social and educational problem


The article analyzes and theoretically grounds the problem of training future teachers for professional interaction in scientific and educational literature. The terms of the effectiveness of training future teachers are determined. The attention is focused on basic concepts: "training of teachers", "professional interaction." The importance of attracting future teachers to interact during their training is highlighted. The article deals with significance of professional interaction in the process of providing sufficient training of future teachers. Requirements for professional training teachers with the view to their subsequent organizing of constructive professional interaction are defined. The main criteria and principles of future pedagogues’ professional training have been determined. Preparation for professional activities is considered as the active state of personality, which causes the activity; the consequence of the activity; the quality that defines the installation in the occupational situation and tasks; prerequisite to purposeful activity, its regulation, sustainability, efficiency. The phenomenon of the concept of "interaction" is revealed as a multifaceted, multidimensional and is linked with terms such as "activity", "communication", "relationship". In our scientific study, the concept of "interaction" we see as specially organized "impact", "cooperation", "relationship" subjects of teaching process on each other, their mutual conditionality of common tasks, interests, shared activities. One of the most important responsibilities for teachers is to interact in positive ways with students. Previous research has shown that there is an association between positive teacher-student relationship and learning. Professional interactions are influenced in part by the ease with which communication takes place, the degree to which students feel free to ask questions and express their views, and how accessible and responsible faculty are to information-related problems. The article focuses on the fact that professional interaction should permeate the entire educational system, which is a progressive world trend and allows you to set the central idea of updating training of future teachers. 

Keywords: teacher training, interaction, professional interaction, preparation for professional interaction