Pedagogical conditions for the formation of vocal and pedagogical competence of a future teacher of musical art


The purpose of the article is to characterize the pedagogical conditions for the formation of the vocal and pedagogical competence of the future teacher of musical art. Accordingly, theoretical research methods were introduced - analysis, synthesis, comparison, generalization. The article determines the relevance of the problem of forming the vocal and pedagogical competence of a future teacher, presents the author's definition of the concept of “vocal and pedagogical competence of a future teacher of musical art” as an integrated quality of personality, which provides for the ability to recognize vocal music as a phenomenon of public life, assimilates its basic laws, styles and genres, the ability to master the means of embodiment of artistic images while singing and readiness for prim singing of vocal music in art and educational work with schoolchildren. The content of the pedagogical conditions of the formation of the future teacher’s vocal and pedagogical competence presented in the study is revealed in the voicemaking class: 1) the creation of a motivational-stimulating environment for students ’educational process to realize the professional significance of vocal and pedagogical competence; 2) providing integration links between vocal and performing and pedagogical training of students; 3) the orientation of future teachers of musical art to professional self-improvement. The influence of pedagogical conditions on the formation of highly qualified pedagogues-musicians as an important component of increasing the efficiency of the process of training a teacher of musical art in higher education institutions is briefly described. The results of the thesis can be laid in the basis of the development of recommendations for students of higher educational institutions regarding their personal development, professional training, the formation of a common, vocal and pedagogical culture.

Keywords: future teacher of musical art, institution of higher education, vocal and pedagogical competence