Pedagogical Conditions for the Stage Image Formation of the Vocal Teacher in the Process of Professional Training

The study of pedagogical conditions for the formation of the stage image of vocal teachers is a topical issue in the context of improving the quality of professional music education in Ukraine, as well as in the world. The purpose of the article is to study the pedagogical conditions that contribute to the effective formation of the stage image of the future vocal teacher in the process of his professional education. The methodological basis of the study is the theoretical methods of scientific knowledge (analysis and synthesis, classification method, comparative method). Also, in the context of this study, a theoretical analysis of scientific sources was conducted. The article highlights and substantiates the pedagogical conditions for the formation of the stage image of a vocal teacher in the process of professional education: the creation of models of their own future based on the activation of “I-real” and “I-ideal”; providing motivation for performing and creative stage selfrealization of future specialists; application of personality-oriented models and learning technologies aimed at developing the student's individuality and providing conditions for the development of their abilities and creative self-realization in professional activities; diversification of practical forms of organization of the educational process It is emphasized that the basis of the stage image is a combination of personal and professional characteristics and psychological archetypes, which are the basis of image formation, which should correspond to the character of the vocalist the best human qualities and powerful informational-creative potential of the person. It is emphasized that according to the personality-oriented concept of education, priority is given to the development of personality, rather than the learning process, which is an important aspect in the process of forming the stage image of personality. The practical value of the work is that the results of the study can be used to increase the efficiency of the educational process, as well as to improve the professional qualities of vocal teachers