Pedagogical Fundamentals of Methods of Teaching Choreographic Disciplines

The study of art disciplines has its specific features and, in some ways, differs from other educational subjects. Choreographic disciplines are closely related to pedagogy and psychology and form an integral part of the development of the future leader of the amateur choreographic team, teacher of choreographic disciplines, choreographer, dancer. The study explores the problem of development of didactic fundamentals at teaching choreographic disciplines by means of which not only skill of future teachers, but also performing skill of dancers develops. The purpose of this study is to investigate the influence of pedagogical foundations on the process of teaching choreographic disciplines and creative choreographic work on the development of adolescents. According to the results of the study, different approaches to the problem of becoming the future leader of an amateur choreographic group, a teacher of choreographic disciplines, a choreographer, an artist of a dance ensemble are described. The study covered the essence of pedagogical fundamentals of methods of teaching choreographic disciplines that motivate students to professional self-improvement; the study also argued the need for the development of internal motivation for professional growth in future teachers of choreography. Studying the influence of creative choreographic work on the development of adolescents' personality, the results of empirical research on the relevance of the needs of students of the Professional College of Culture and Arts (city of Kalush) in professional self-improvement, motives of professional self-improvement, and analysis of professional competence. The practical significance of this study lies in the research of the fundamentals of pedagogical methods of choreographic disciplines to further improve this process, as well as to improve the skills of teachers