Pedagogical practices as a condition for the professional development of a future teacher in Sweden


The article deals with the role of pedagogical practice in becoming a future teacher in Sweden. The specifics of the organization and the content of pedagogical training of future teachers in higher education institutions in Sweden are investigated, it is found out that the positive experience of this country is based on pedagogical ideas - updated concepts or theories. It is the establishment of partnerships between universities and general education schools that will contribute to the quality of professional education of future teachers. It is underlined that the system of pedagogical teacher training in Swedish universities clearly shows the transition from instructive to constructive forms of education, where the central place in the learning process is the student. Classes are organized in such a way that the training is focused on the active use of the learned material. It is emphasized that professional pedagogical practice plays an extremely important, ultimately decisive role in the formation of students - future teachers - the skills and acquirement of a professional teacher. In the course of practical activity, students apply the acquired scientific and theoretical knowledge (in particular didactics, theory of education and individual methods) indirect pedagogical activity. It is revealed that the success of pedagogical practice depends on the choice of the basic institution, the optimal implementation of the most perfect methods and techniques of work in specific conditions, the methodological level and practice of pedagogical practitioners, who, by personal example, activate the students' creative independence in the fulfillment of pedagogical tasks of educational activity, help work, responsibility, commitment. These factors largely determine the professional applicability of a future specialist. It is concluded that taking into account the positive elements of the experience of teacher training in higher education in Sweden will increase the effectiveness of pedagogical activity and pedagogical practice as the final link of professional readiness of a specialist in Ukrainian vocational education. 

Keywords: affiliate school; vocational training, pedagogical practice, professional and pedagogical orientation, theoretical training