Paper plastic as a way of developing design skills of elementary school students


The article deals with paper work performed in the technique of paper plastic by elementary school students. Through the actions with paper, in the process of its processing and artistic design while using different methods and techniques students learn aesthetically to recognize the images of familiar objects. They acquire skills of transferring them in fine art by emphasizing the beauty and coloring of their appearance in a transformed form. Paper plastic is considered as a synthesis of various types of artistic and technical activities: painting, design, drawing, application, construction paper, which in fact brings it closer to the design activity. The work in the technique of paper plastic gives the opportunity to expand and significantly improve the skills of working with paper, including in this work the elements of volume, offering younger students not quite usual understanding of the world. In the process of design, art and design activities pupils study a range of graphic skills. Pupils learn to analyze phenomena and objects of the surrounding world, they develop imagination, attention, spatial perception, abstract thinking, visual memory and form perception. Everything mentioned above contributes to the basic understanding of design principles. The skills acquired in the process of manufacturing products in the technique of paper plastic can be used both in technical and modeling design. Children’s interest to the professions of designer or architect can be satisfied while working in the technique of paper plastic. In addition such occupations require knowledge and skills that are necessary for working with geometric solids, shapes, and drawings. The work with forms in a particular shape contributes to the study of spatial disciplines such as geometry or solid geometry. Design skills acquired in the process of mastering techniques of paper plastic are formed by enhancing the intellectual, emotional, volitional spheres of the spiritual life of the personality. Educational development in the technique of paper plastic is a logical and methodical activity. Based on this knowledge, the student implements the project according to the specific instructions of the teacher, given characteristics of specific products and material features. The work in the technique of paper plastic gives the opportunity to define its aesthetic and functional features in the interior. The knowledge and skills gained by students in the design and execution of works in the art of paper plastic can be later transferred to work with fabric, leather, metal, which also require detailed research of its further usage in sphere of design education.

Keywords: paper plastic, design, artistic and technical activities, art and design work, elementary school