The peculiarities of music influence on the formation of the students outlook


The article analyzes the peculiarities of the students' outlook formation by means of musical art at music lessons in the general education school. Stages are illuminated: from the development of the foundations of the world outlook in the junior classes to the definite formation of artistic outlook among the pupils of the upper classes. The prerequisites and the main principles that ensure the effectiveness of the means of musical art on the formation of the worldview of the individual are considered. The peculiarity of the artistic worldview is the combination of emotions with values in it, on the basis of which the comprehension and assimilation of the surrounding world takes place. In its basis is the value-tinged idea of Beauty. Teaching the children the perception of the true beauty the teacher has to compete with the aggressive media, promoting low-quality music, often confronting the preferences of pupils. As a solution of the conflict, the article proposes a position of tolerance. In work the basic stages of formation of an artistic outlook are traced. At the stage of laying the foundations of the artistic worldview, the emotional-imaginative perception of musical material dominates. Further, in the process of accumulating knowledge, an integral artistic worldview is formed, with the synthesis of emotional and intellectual principles. The meaning of musical education is considered as teaching children to see beauty, that is rhythm and harmony in the phenomena of the surrounding world, this skill has important socio-political explications. As the basic material of the formation of the foundations of the artistic worldview, in accordance with the national pedagogical tradition, it is proposed to use Ukrainian folk songs. The article outlines the prospects for further research on the issue of the use of nonclassical music in the school course, which has not been sufficiently studied in the literature. In the work it is noted that the negative influence of the mass media in the aspect of advertising low-quality music can not be leveled by the efforts of school but requires the attention and efforts of the state and society. The specifics of the main reasons hindering the process of educating the world outlook of schoolchildren through the means of musical art, which have socio-economic, general pedagogical and organizational-methodological character, are argued.

Keywords: world outlook, artistic worldview, musical art, musical education