The Features of Modern Students' Internal Motivation for Physical Exercises


The modern lifestyle contributes to the reduction of motor activity and muscle energy consumption in combination with neuropsychological overload. Based on this, the main purpose of the study was to identify the features of the modern students' internal motivation to engage in physical exercises. To achieve this purpose, the survey methods were used among 75 students of the Yancheng Institute of Technology, as well as the method of analysing the information received. The study identified the reasons for the lack of interest in sports on personal initiative, among which it is possible to highlight the lack of a clear example of parents, health problems, the programme of the training course, etc. It was determined that half of the surveyed students have a passive attitude to physical exercise and sports in general, since they attend physical education classes from time to time. Also, the work identified the indicators of motivation (depending on the year of studies). It was established that for the first-year students, the environment is of great importance (52% of respondents), and for the third-year students – a healthy lifestyle (54 % of respondents). Using the hierarchy analysis method, seven most significant motivational criteria were selected, which allowed determining that communication motives are the most important. This is due to the fact that adaptation in the team is of primary importance for junior students. The results of the experiment indicate that there is an indissoluble connection between internal and external factors of motivation in physical exercise. Only an integrated approach contributes to the inner interest of the younger generation. The results of the paper are of primary importance for university teachers during the preparation of curricula, which will contribute to the interest of students in the lesson

Keywords: physical activity, communication, hierarchy analysis method, questionnaire, sport, healthy lifestyle