The peculiarities of Lesia Ukrainka works’ studying at the primary school


The article analyzes the specifics of learning Lesya Ukrainka’s works in primary school. Considerable attention is paid to the language of artistic works. Learning works for kids Lesya Ukrainka important for Ukrainian literature. For children's literature affects the development and education of children. The works of the author responsible for children infant knowledge, their experience, psychological development. Children's literature has its genre and artistic features, relevant theme and design. Literature for children extends the overall outlook, develops language and artistic tastes of the child. Children's literature is an important means of training and education of children. The specifics of children's literature is caused by age-related characteristics of readers, is addressed to children of certain ages. Between children's literature and pedagogy are closely interrelated. Children's literature is a means of imaginative knowledge of the world. Scope of works for children Lesya Ukrainka very wide. An important place is occupied by works of nature. Lesya Ukrainka's works written on topics close to children, due to their age characteristics. Of all the art tools, techniques, forms writer selects those that best help interested readers to bring their idea to work, cause certain feelings. Works for children clearly marked ideas with dynamic plot, clear composition. Lesya Ukrainka creativity for kids imbued with feelings lighter. Works for children awaken the reader's opinion, contribute to the development of the best feelings and develop aesthetic tastes. Lesya Ukrainka played a prominent role in the development of Ukrainian literature for children. 

Keywords: adoptions of studying, Ukrainian children’s literature, verse, author’s tale, topic work, idea work, track work, Lesya Ukrainka