Features of social education in children's public associations


The article analyzes the problem of social education of schoolchildren in children's public associations. Particular attention is paid to the analysis of the role of social and pedagogical activity in the process of becoming a pedagogical system of children's public associations. Forms and methods of influence of the social and pedagogical activity of children's public associations on the process of formation of personal qualities of members of children's public associations are revealed. The method of social education of young personality in children's public associations has been developed. The author formulates the principles of social education, basic approaches to determining the forms and methods of social education of school children in children's public associations, based on the definition of methodological approaches to understanding the purpose and objectives of social education. It is emphasized that the organic component of the methodology of social education is an analysis of the educational activities of children's public associations and making appropriate adjustments. To carry out the analysis of the process and the results of social education, the diagnostic method of studying the motives of schoolchildren's participation in the specified activity was adapted. The socio-pedagogical conditions that directly influence the education of socially important traits and qualities of the pupils' personality in the mentioned associations are distinguished: involvement of children (teenagers) in the processes of creation, planning and organization of activities of children's public associations; creation of a favorable moral climate in children's public associations, special educational environment, which promote the development of motivation for socially useful and socially significant activity; diagnostic support for the teaching of socially important qualities of students in children's public associations.

Keywords: children's public associations, schoolchildren, social education, principles of social education, forms and methods of social upbringing of the individual