Peculiarities of professional training in higher education establishments of Slovenia


The article deals with the peculiarities of vocational training in high school Slovenia. The system of general and higher education, professional training in Slovenia, including teaching, which is part of the curricula of universities, foundations and specialized schools. Revealed that professional development of teachers and specialists in human resources development is defined priorities in education, formulated at the national level to the specific needs. The analysis of postgraduate education aimed at professional development of teachers in Slovenia, which is directly linked to career growth and increased wages. Areas of training teachers and specialists in human resources development is a general management, methods of analysis and decision-making, foreign languages, change management, quality management, skills, effective communication, project management, manufacturing operations, accounting and control, conflict management methods efficient allocation of time, the art of negotiation. Analyzed the requirements for training of experts in the field of education on knowledge of legal regulation, organization and functioning of higher education and higher education, as well as the standards and principles of leading European higher education. Emphasized that the professional skills of experts on education in Slovenia equated detailed knowledge of the characteristics and functioning of higher education institutions and higher vocational education in specific subject areas; communicative competence; the ability to conduct interviews, ask questions that are important for an objective assessment, the ability to listen and make appropriate conclusions; ability to communicate in different conditions and with different interlocutors; ability to work in a group as part of a team; the possibility of training and effective project implementation and management; impartiality and independence.

Keywords: professional education, teacher education, the education system, Slovenia