Spelling exercises as a method of formation spelling skills


The article considers the problem of formation of spelling skills at the lessons of Ukrainian language at primary school. Spelling exercises identified as one of the practical methods of learning the spelling of words. The author considers the key concepts to the topic, clarified the status of completeness of the younger students spelling skills. Formed the conditions of effectiveness of the lesson in the process of learning the rules of spelling, the types of spelling exercises, the technique of their carrying out. The purpose of this article is to clarify the importance of spelling exercises in the formation of spelling skills, identify the types and methodology of some of them. Author forms the concept of "spelling skills" as the willingness of younger students in the process of writing apply rules of spelling, based on knowledge, skills, generated during doing the spelling exercises. Considered the types of spelling exercises that are combined into groups, the criteria for their definition. The author describes the methodology of cheating, proposed non-standard types of learning dictations. Attention is drawn to the changes in the updated program of the Ukrainian language in the list of vocabulary words for each class. Defined conditions for the effective application exercises: the application of their system, regardless of the topic of the lesson; the conscious assimilation of spelling norms; the relationship linguodidactics teaching and learning principles; systematic work on the bugs. Described the indicative requirements for monitoring and evaluation of educational achievements of primary school students. Forms of work with children can be both collective and individual. Recommends using of reference tables, signal cards. 

Keywords: spelling, spelling skills, spelling exercise, cheating, dictation