Scientific and Methodological Support of Self-Educational Activities of Teachers in Preschool Education Institutions


The relevance of the research is associated with the accelerated development of innovative processes in the field of educational activities, including the need for a deeper analysis of technologies for organising the development of teacher’s professional competencies. In particular, it is quite important in modern educational conditions to use educational and cognitive methods that help strengthen the motivation of young teachers to pedagogically appropriate behaviour or weaken the incentive to undesirable, unprofessional behaviour. The study used theoretical methods (analysis, generalisation) to clarify the features of the form, methods and techniques of organizing self-educational activities; empirical (survey) – to identify teachers’ interest in the problems of organisation and thematic direction. Based on the results of the study conducted by the author, the most effective forms and methods of organising the development of professional competencies of teachers were established, the use of which ensures the assimilation of new knowledge, including monitoring the educational achievements of teachers to obtain useful professional experience. Such technologies and techniques of scientific and methodological support were also considered, which allow obtaining information remotely, ensure the efficiency and speed of their assimilation, including accessibility. The article substantiates the features of scientific and methodological support of self-educational activities of teachers in preschool educational institutions, identifies the features of scientific and methodological support of self-educational activities of teaching staff, and also systematises the tasks of scientific and methodological support of teachers’ professional self-development. The practical value of the article lies in the fact that the materials of the work can be used in the educational process of future teachers of preschool educational institutions to improve their professional and scientific-methodological training, enrich technological potential, accelerate the process of transformation of promising pedagogical experience into practical activities

Keywords: competencies of teachers, organisation of self-education, forms of scientific and methodological support, educational activities