Scientific approaches towards formation of pedagogical culture of a future teachers


Article deals with the methodology problematics during the formation of future teacher pedagogical culture. Consideration of systemic, cultural, integrative and active, environmental and personality-oriented scientific approaches in the context of teacher training has been grounded. It has been emphasized that systematic approach enables determination of quality units, formation of external factors, prediction of pedagogical culture components, modeling of educational system structure. Integrative-activity approach considers phenomena and processes as a complex system where unity is achieved through integration of their constituent elements which are in the relationship and interaction. Culturological approach involves future teachers mastering of general and pedagogical culture, active development of pedagogical theories, values, technologies and is defined as a combination of theoretical and methodological principles, organizational and educational activities aimed at creating conditions for the development and transmission of educational values and technologies, providing creative self realization of future teachers in the profession. Environmental approach takes into consideration the fact that a person interacts with the environment through different ways, complex of which is a way of life. A specific environment demands certain actions, ability to use certain life methods. Personality-oriented approach allows you to identify the functioning specifics of the participants based on respect for the individual, credibility, identify the role and place of the educational process and to ensure maximum disclosure and the use of subjective experience. The possibilities of personality-oriented approach in the formation of pedagogical culture of future teachers have been highlighted, it has been proven that it is focused on common fundamental cognitive, creative activities, cooperation in the formation of a holistic pedagogical knowledge, open interaction of its members, updating the creative potential of future teachers and self-development, the process of co-management and the process of assimilation of pedagogical culture of future teachers.

Keywords: pedagogical culture, future teacher training, scientific approaches