Intersubject connections at the lessons in elementary school: practical aspect


The article describes the relevance of the problem of integration of content and forms of education of elementary schoolchildren. It has been found that the first level of integration, scientists distinguish integration interactions at the level of reduction, which take the form of interdisciplinary relationships. The attention of leading didactics, methodologists, and educators to the problem of interdisciplinary integration in elementary school is explained by the fact that it aims at enhancing of elementary schoolchildren information content and emotional enrichment of the perception, thinking and feelings. Interdisciplinary lessons and integrated lessons O. Savchenko calls different didactic concepts, because interdisciplinary relationships involve the inclusion of other disciplines that are of secondary importance for the study of a particular topic in the lesson. According to her view, lessons with interdisciplinary relationships are “some brief moments” of lessons that contribute to a deeper understanding and understanding of a particular concept. That is, interdisciplinary relationships involve the use of questions and tasks from the material of other disciplines that are of secondary importance for the study of the topic. The concept of " interdisciplinary integration" has been retrospectively analyzed by authors and the use of interdisciplinary relationships in "I in the World" lessons and literary reading in elementary school have been illustrated. The complex application of knowledge in these subjects is a regularity of modern life that solves complex social, technical and technological problems. The ability to comprehensively apply knowledge, synthesize it, transfer ideas and methods from one science to another is at the heart of a creative approach to the scientific, educational and artistic activities of elementary schoolchildren in modern conditions.

Keywords: integration, interdisciplinary relationships, elementary school, literary reading, «I am in the world»