The methods of schoolchildren’s individual work organization in the process of foreign language learning


The interest to pupils’ individual work and its role in the educational process has gradually increased nowadays, the methodology and didactic means of it effective organization were more clearly identified. The process of pupils’ individual work activities has been considered in the article. The methods of independent work of students while studying a foreign language have been analyzed. Independent work in foreign language lessons is a compalsory component of the learning process and a way to enhance the cognitive activity of students, and its role, content, duration and methods of leadership are determined to study a particular material, its specifics and level of training of students. The practical value of acting ability and effectiveness of using means and methods having been analyzed, which leads to the development of skills of independent pupils’ work by the teachers of foreign language have been determined. Individual (independent) work of pupils helps to increase the effectiveness of study not only in the matter of mastering of knowledge and skills system but also in the development of mental and physical capacity. Independent work is a predominant part of the foreign language lesson; the level of pupils’ individuality in the process of independent tasks fulfilling is connected with the manner of their activity, that starts with the action imitating becoming more complicated and then having the highest displays. The leading role of a teacher is also reconsidered.

Keywords: independent work, method, cognitive activity, educational activity activation, means of teaching, didactic means