Local regional direction of activities of libraries in modern conditions


The article analyzes the basic methods of modern libraries to promote their activity. There has been considered traditional and modern information local history resources. The necessity of close cooperation of libraries with a population of a region, which gives them priority status for increasing informational, educational, cultural, educational, cognitive, intellectual library functions and ensures democratic access to information among library users has been proven. Modern forms of the library work to enhance readers' information culture and perception of new ideas, marketing activities and tools as a means to optimize service process and expanding the sphere of influence of the library have been analyzed. The state land history is a studying issue of research institutes, regional museums and libraries. Museums perform a great work with a comprehensive study of their native land, equip a special expeditions, make up various statistical data, make interesting and valuable discovery. Successful local history investigation creates a positive image of libraries, strengthens public relations, and expands the circle of friends of the library. To create a comfortable environment for local history awareness the following factors should be considered: characteristics of the region; availability of schools, lyceums, different profiles gymnasiums in the region; the library; level of staff training; information needs, personal aspirations and age characteristics of readers. The ideal model of local history knowledge environment includes informational fund; recommendatory local history files for readers; information exhibitions cycles with a list of literature; information digest on new acquisitions; bibliographic reviews; lectures on the history and culture of the region (city, town); Club (group) of local history; bibliographical orientation; poster information; desiderata-filing; themed folder-file ("natural history box"); quizzes; videos.

Keywords: local history studies, library activity, priority status, cooperation with the population, native land, forms of work