Conceptual approaches to the definition of the discussion essence and discussion teaching methods


The article is devoted to definition of conceptual approaches to the disclosure of the nature of the debate and discussion teaching methods. The aim of the study was to examine the main types of discussion (discussion methods), and identifying features of its use as a method of primary school. It was found that the controversial methods to help students form the ability to think creatively, reasonably articulate and defend their own point of view critical of sources. The essence of different kinds of discussions. They include debates, "round table" discussion, symposium, panel discussion, concentric circles, discussion of the elements of game simulation, etc. The practical significance of the study lies in teacher disclosure features use different types of discussions in the educational process in elementary school. It was found that the main features of methods is debatable: the presence of problematic situation created with discussion questions; meaningful self-direction of students for in-depth study of communication problems when searching for different means to express their opinions; communicative basis, students obtain knowledge during interactive communication for the sake of a certain group to perform common tasks, while making the overall group approach and adherence to the rules of common search activities; logical construction method: thesis - argument - or refute the proof of the thesis; organizational perfection: the creation of the problem situation - its discussion - the adoption of harmonized solutions - implementation. 

Keywords: discussion, discussion methods, discussions, interactive communication