Conceptual Model of Development of Assessment Competence of Primary School Teachers in the System of Postgraduate Education

The study highlights one of the main aspects of pedagogical research on the development of assessment competence of primary school teachers. To train teachers in the system of postgraduate pedagogical education, it is necessary to build a modern model as a holistic pedagogical process, which would be based on the leading traditions of pedagogy and modern pedagogical innovations and help teachers develop readiness to evaluate the results of primary school students in professional activities. The purpose of this study is to build a conceptual model for the development of assessment competence of primary school teachers in the system of postgraduate education. Methodological approaches used by the author for the study: systemic, activity, andragogical, competencebased, acmeological, communicative, and synergetic. The theoretical aspect of the development of teachers' assessment competence is analysed, the existing views of scientists on the outlined problem are classified. The essence of the concept of modelling as a process of construction and research of models is determined. The purpose, tasks, functions, principles, components of modelling are identified. The essence and content of the assessment competence of a primary school teacher are considered, its main components, criteria, indicators, and levels of development are singled out. The characteristic of the model of development of assessing competence of primary school teachers in the system of postgraduate education developed by the author is presented, its conceptual and methodological bases are identified. The methodological basis for building the model is presented in the form of an analysis of the leading provisions – the principles formulated based on previous results of the study conducted by the author. The principles and forms of education, pedagogical conditions are described, the main functional and structural components of the model are identified. The creation of the model has become an effective means of testing the effectiveness of pedagogical conditions, through the implementation of which a high or medium level of assessment competence of primary school teachers has been achieved. The proposed method is adapted for use in institutions of postgraduate pedagogical education