Competence training of future specialists in terms of university


In the context of higher education reforms occurring University education responds to changes quite slowly today, the teacher is no longer assembler and sole source of students‘ knowledge, he becomes an organizer and coordinator of the educational activity of the child, which requires changes in the understanding of most teacher his mission and content. In the light of modern professional training mission education, in front of the pedagogical society is worth a call to form future educate professional’s skills of self-education and constant desire for self-realization. For the formation of the personality of the future teacher of special significance is the problem of creative self-realization in the University environment and adopting methods of different types of educational activities, which ensures the development of individual personal qualities and professional competence. In this regard, insofar as the need for a special updated the University environment, which leads to self-realization of personality; that is, this educational process should create conditions for the exercise of competences, because the measure competence is almost impossible. To make a conclusion about the competence, which has a particular person only based on observations does not seem possible because the competence are the internal preconditions for self-organized human activity. Competence can be defined only in terms of actual performance, i.e. the conditions of application of the competence, the implementation of existing preconditions that will allow in the future achieving corresponding success. However, you cannot argue that competence is impossible to describe or detail. The researchers suggest differentiate competence according to the type of their self-organized actions between subject and object. One of the ways to create a development environment in the University is oriented on forming competence in modern European concepts, is the use of scientific research as a methodology of learning. The Mission of the modern University is not scientific research and education, but education through research. 

Keywords: education, professional competence, education graduate development environment