Lexemes denoting the names of colours in Lina Kostenko's poetic discourse


The purpose of the article cites the following objectives: to identify lexemes - the names of colours in Lina Kostenko's poetic dictionary; to carry out a partial component analysis of word meanings naming the colours and to identify the features of their use; to track overall trends and individual author's parameters of stylistic and structural - semantic modification of the words - the carriers of colour semantics. Research methods. General scientific and specific linguistic methods are used to achieve the objectives (method of structuring, component and functional stylistic analysis). The analysis shows that Lina Kostenko's poetics are characterised by typical colour images. The author creates them using the original epithets, psychologically loaded metaphors. Red, bloody and reddish colours highlight the tragic tone of her poetry. Colour names grey and blue-gray serve as markers of loneliness and human existential insecurity in L. Kostenko's lyrics. Light and bright colours are associated with a riot of native wildlife, the infinity of human existence, intimate feelings of the author. White colour represents purity, innocence, grace, light joy from the contemplation of nature and the world. The dominant colours of her poetry should be considered white, black, blue, green and gold. Lina Kostenko skillfully combines these colours. The results of the study. Synchronic study of colour picture of the world and the poetic discourse of Lina Kostenko allowed us to reveal certain trends in its development, as well as in-depth study of individual style of analyzed author. Scientific novelty of the work is related to the fact that for the first time in linguistic stylistics we set the composition of lexemes that represent the colour in the poetic discourse of Lina Kostenko, and made a partial component analysis of the meanings of colour naming words. 

Keywords: lexical meaning, semantics, discourse, adjective, epithet, associations, metaphoric structure, existence