Interviews as an interactive method of professional training of students-biologists in the process of pedagogical practice


The article deals with the specifics of the use of intervention as an interactive method of teaching in the process of pedagogical practice, which is one of the little-studied interactive methods of teaching, namely the possibility of using it in higher education institutions for the purpose of professional training of future biology teachers. The essence of the concepts «pedagogical practice», «interactive teaching methods» and «intervision» are revealed. We are understood intervision as a new format of discussion when participants are trained to improve their professional skills: knowledge expansion, exchange of experience; acquiring new and improving already acquired skills; obtaining alternative solutions, in the process of solving pedagogical problematic situations, in order to apply them to the development of professional competencies, fixing them in the form of role-playing games, and subsequently in practice; development of collective reflection in the process of solving problem situations that have arisen during practice; improving self-control. The results of the analysis of the genesis of the problem of vocational training of future biology teachers revealed the peculiarities of pedagogical practice in biology. It is suggested and theoretically substantiated the feasibility of applying the method of internship within the higher education institution, which allows to increase their professional skills. The reciprocal interaction of the students of higher pedagogical education provides for improvement of quality and level of educational process. The members of the interview group learn to effectively deal with the various complex problematic situations that arise in the course of the professional activity of the future biology teacher, namely during pedagogical practice in general secondary education institutions. Intervision method is one of the perspective interactive teaching technologies that helps to reveal the own resources of future biology teachers in solving problematic issues, solving professional contradictions, development of biology students in the first place professional competence, forming a certain level of pedagogical mastery of their pedagogical mastery, communicative abilities.

Keywords: intervision, intervision groups, interactive teaching methods, pedagogical practice, future biology teachers