Іnformation technologies as a means of motivation of professional training in high school


In this article, the problem of usage of the information technologies in the educational process in the system of higher education is discovered. The article explains the usage of innovative methods in educational institutions indicates the importance of the information technologies in the educational process and shows the opportunities for their usage. It was discovered that in the educational process the information technologies became a significant tool for research, development, and formalization of knowledge about the outside world, they extend the independent activity of students based on a variety of learning activities, especially the experimental research. Information technologies individualize and differentiate the educational process, provide the opportunities for interactive dialogue with students via computer tools, and help to choose the right mode and form of educational activity. Information technologies can affect the efficiency of individual, group and teamwork; improve the productivity of both students and teachers. By using the means of computer visualization of objects and phenomena, modeling of situations and using game elements, we can increase the students' motivation for learning. Computer technologies provide the quick feedback and help with organization of comprehensive control over the students’ work. As studies show, it is effective to use a wide range of multimedia technologies and interactive applications for creating multimedia content for the educational process. For example, Adobe Photoshop and Premier can be used for creating and editing graphics and video files, SoundForge and 3D Studio Max to create and/or edit audio and animation files, software like Macromedia Director or Authorware to integrate and synchronize all the elements into one final project. Such software tools allow using the information in any form of presentation - text, tables, charts, slides, video and audio. Also in the article, we present the possibility of using the Internet, WWW-projects, and E-mail-projects during the professional training in the higher education institutions. 

Keywords: information technologies, professional training, higher education institution, educational process