Ideas of Neo-romantism in Ukrainian history-pedagogical narrative (end of the XIXth – first third of the XXth century)

Thematic section: Educational theory and history of pedagogics

UDC 37;930.001:1(091)(477)

The influence of Neo-romanticism ideas on the works of Ukrainian historians of pedagogy of the late XIXth – first third of the XXth centuries is analyzed in the article. The methodology of the research is based on the principles of historicism, scientificity, the author’s objectivity and the use of the general scientific (analysis, synthesis, generalization) and special-historical (historical-typological, historical-systemic) methods. The author researched that the most significant influence on the formation of the image of the history of education and pedagogy by the national scientists at that time was made by: the idea of the «the Spirit of the People» as the engine of the historical process; the concept of the Idea, which is embedded in every nation and implemented in the course of its historical development, including in the field of education; idealization of past eras and historical heroes; high appreciation of poetry as a source material and artistic phenomenon; metaphorical style and semiotic attributes of narrative. It is emphasized that this does not exhaust Neo-romantic subjects in the works of Ukrainian historians of pedagogy, supplemented by the ideas of anti-positivism, neo-Kantianism, providentialism, «philosophy of life», racial theories, etc.