Formation of orthoepic and accentuation competence of students of higher educational establishments in the course of discipline study «Ukrainian language of professional sphere»


The article deals with the peculiarities of formation of orthoepic and accentuation competence of university students in the process of studying the discipline "Ukrainia nlanguage for professional direction". The schoolbook and tutorials that have emerged in the last decade from this discipline are analyzed. The status of students' orphoepic knowledge, skills and abilities is revealed. The conditions of effectiveness of the lessons in the process of mastering the rules of pronunciation are formulated, the types of exercises and tasks in spelling and accentologyare distinguished. It is stated that adherence to accentuation norms in oral communication will only emphasize your ability to speak correctly and beautifully. Exercises to emphasize words of common, foreign language are considered. Separately, cases of non-normative words are discussed. Improved work with scientific, educational and reference literature, including dictionaries. The orthoepic and accentuational competence of future specialists has been found to beimportant, which is related to the professional orientation of future psychologists, economists, managers, teachers, etc.

Keywords: orphoepic, accentology, competence sound pronunciation, requirement, sound