The formation of information and computer literacy at the preschool age


The article presents an analysis of recent research and publications concerning this problem. The analysis tools on the formation of information literacy and komp’yuternoyi preschool children. Reveals the advantages of using a computer in the educational process in kindergartens. Considered the most important factors requirements for proper use of the computer (to be interesting and cause positive emotions, activate the cognitive and mental performance of children; cause the child desire to learn to work independently, meet the age and physiological osoblyvostyam children, develop creative abilities of the child and his mother training and controlling nature, reflect an optimal amount of information on ekrani, to be easy to learn features of the program in navchalniy interact with it). The directions on the system of computer education for preschoolers and caregivers. The attention on the most important factors of proper computer usage in teaching a child of preschool age. Deals with topics for information about preschool children computer. Also the computer program for preschoolers with elements of fairy tales or cartoon. 

Keywords: information literacy, computer literacy, pre-school age