Physical Training and its meaning for the Student Community in Modern Society


The article deals with the problem of physical education and its importance for students in modern society. The emphasis is laid on the priorities, that are the main factors of comprehensive development, and, above all, the development of all types of human activity and the ability to use them in everyday life. The analysis aimed at their prudent degree, which is determined by many factors, foremost of which are the expression of the diversity of content, forms, methods and means of human activity and their optimal combination. General justification does not exist by itself, but it is realized through special abilities. It should be noted that the development of physical qualities and improving the shape, structure and functions of an organism caused by the natural makings of man, which are endowed by heredity. Recently, it has been more and more understood and implemented in pedagogical practice the conditions necessary for student’s creative activity. Students’ mental activity reducing during their studies at higher educational institutions is, in fact, a by-product, deteriorating as a consequence of the improvement of scientific and technical technologies, the amount of different information, on the one hand, and neglect them to use effective forms of active recreation on the other hand. The main danger is in the expansion of preconditions for the emergence of new and previously unknown or little-known health violations. The focus on the means of physical training that enable the students not only refill the deficit of motor activity, providing more physical loadings, but also provide a number of other effects. According to modern beliefs the impact of exercises on the body, which have the ability to remove fatigue, are the means of the most proper rest. If we want to ensure continued substantial growth of motor creativity, it should be increasingly transformed from adjuvant of improving the physical culture education into its independent factor. 

Keywords: human health, the importance of physical training, the development of students' individual abilities, development of physical qualities