Philosophical and worldview milestones in the works of Oleksandr Dukhnovych


The article deals with the multifaceted activity of O.V. Dukhnovich (1803-1865) as a scientist, educator, philosopher, social and political figure in the sphere of development of education, science and culture, protection of national interests of the people, that were a kind of revelation in the suffocating atmosphere of denationalist politicians in the middle of 19th century, in the Subcarpathian Rus of that period. The purpose of the article is the analysis of philosophical aspect of O.V. Dukhnovych’s works, who brought up the intelligentsia, raised the national consciousness of Transcarpathian Rusyn-Ukrainians, cherished the idea of Slavic unity. The methodology of the research is to show philosophical and pedagogical orientations in O. Dukhnovych's work in order to improve the natural abilities of young people in accordance with the evolution of society. O. Dukhnovych's philosophical and pedagogical heritage is an inexhaustible source of knowledge for the formation of world outlook and patriotic education in the context of today’s innovative tendencies. Ethnological activity of O. Dukhnovych appeared in several directions. The object of poetic interest were commonly God and people, philosophical elemts of existentialism have also appeared. There are also many patriotic songs, fables, elegies by O.Dukhnovych. He cooperated with scientiesrs and state leaders not only of Transcarpathia but also of the Slavik world; regions of Central , Sothern and Eastern Europe , he has been greatly influenced by leading idea of Russia and Ukraine. 

Keywords: philosophy, world outlook, pedagogy, enlightener,self-awareness, intelligentsia, unity, heritage, education