On the issue of patriotic education implementation in schools


The presented article deals with the important issues of patriotic education at schools, peculiarities and contradictions of this process. Purpose of the article is to highlight and outline the major challenges and trends of the modern educator who conducts the nation patriotic education of schoolchildren. Due to the new social and political realias in Ukraine after the Revolution of Dignity, under circumstances caused by Russian aggression, there appears the necessity for developing the sense of patriotism among young generation. Patriotism is the most important basis of values of any society and serves not only as a key factor for integration of the Ukrainian nation, but also is an internal motivation for self-development and disclosure of all potential of every citizen in the spiritual, economic and social spheres. It has been noted that the problem of patriotic education of school children lies, first and foremost, in a thorough and qualified teacher training. They are aimed at holding the process of education through demonstration of decent behavior, own attitudes, acceptance and respect for the child. It has been determined that the quality of educational process depends on teachers use the methods’ variety and forms; knowledge of children psychological characteristics; openness, emotionality, optimism, active patriotic position of the teacher and their national believes. The successful solution of tasks oriented at national education is directly related to the improving training the teacher, their professional skills, erudition and culture, as well as psychological knowledge. We have come to the conclusions that quality of patriotic educational process depends on the level of preparedness of teachers because they are the example and value criteria of personal and social values, achievement and morality for young generation. The quality of the educational process depends on the use of various techniques and forms; knowledge and skillful consider of age and psychological characteristics of children. Thus, nation patriotic education of a citizen should be formed in the classroom, after school and through vivid personal example. 

Keywords: high school students, teachers, educational process, patriotism, individual and typological features, personality, love of the country, Ukraine