To the issue of personal development of early children in a sensory enriched environment


Creating an educational environment that most fully complete the personal development needs of participants in the educational process is one of the most important prerequisites for a person-centered education. A sensory enriched environment is a set of conditions (in an establishment, family) that maximally contributes to the chilldren's personal development in their meaningful activities. Approaches to the creation of a sensoryenriched environment have been focused on the values and interests of younger children, taking into account their age potential, preserving the infant subculture, enriching, amplifying the sensory development, interconnecting all aspects of the baby's life. In our opinion, creating a sensory enriched environment in the establishment and in the family will provide: optimal sensory load on the child to protect against fatigue sensory stimuli; creation of conditions for sensory development; interaction with the family to ensure full sensory development of the child; free time provided to the child during the day. The structure of a sensory-enriched environment in a preschool educational establishment has been considered as a multicomponent system consisting of such elements as: the purpose of creating a sensory-enriched environment (why create it?); the content of the sensory enriched environment (what is the unity of the elements of the whole?); forms, methods, techniques (how to use?); teacher and parents (who creates?); baby (who uses?). The analysis of the main features of the external and internal sensory enriched environment allows to determine the features that determine the possibilities of further enrichment of this environment. We believe that the educational environment will promote to the personal development of younger children, if it is rich, accessible, oriented to support children's individuality. The extent to which the environment is geared towards supporting the child's personality is assessed by the presence of traces of children's active activity, works designed by the child, the presence of photographs and other materials that allow children to become aware of their competence, independence and ability. The author has outlined the structure of the sensory enriched environment in preschool educational establlishment and reveals the principles, the practical implementation of which is envisaged in the sensory enriched environment of the preschool educational establishment. The practical significance of the article has been to clarify the sence of the conception of "sensory enriched environment".

Keywords: children of younger age, educational environment, sensory-enriched environment of preschool education, personal development, developmental object-space environment