The activity of the artist-teacher T.M.Yordan in the context of Transcarpathian school of painting


In the article the new facts from the creative patrimony of the Transcarpathia artists Tiberij Jordan in the middle of XX century, were lighted, and the analysis of the aesthetic impact on the cultural development of culture of the region is given. Тhe given research was executed within the framework of a modern scientific approach of the art criticism such - objective systems analysis of cultural processes. The creative elevation in the first half of twentieth century had fostered a galaxy of painters in Transcarpathia. But the creative heritage of some painters had lack of attention from the critics because of the ideological and political views in the period of stagnation in the USSR. The main aim of the research is to discover the little known facts from the creative activity of Transcarpathian painter, and to describe the heritage of the pedagogue and artist, Tyberii Matvijovich Jordan, from standpoint of his contribution in the Transcarpathian Art School development. Also in depth analysis determine the impact of ideological and aesthetic guidelines on the cultural development of the region. T.Jordan had strong and principle character, his own life position and hard temper, so the politic pressure had a harrowing effect on him. He had not got any awards from the leading party, his works were not admitted on the national level, because he appreciated the creative and moral freedom. Maybe other social and political conditions revealed his talent more. Every fact from the history should be consider from point of view of its impact on cultural processes, how they promote or not on the development of the art. 

Keywords: cultural processes, ideological and aesthetic guidelines, totalitarian regime, expressionism, impressionistic interpretation, contrasting color