Bilingualism as a component of the modern educational system


The article's content reflects one of the urgent problems - the clarification of the key concepts of bilingualism and bilingual education, which are facing modern education in the educational space. The article analyzes the phenomenon of bilingual education, the conditions of the multicultural environment under which the influence of the conditionality of the EU will contribute to the reform of the educational system of Ukraine at the state level in accordance with European standards and the introduction of bilingual educational system (bilingualism) in the multicultural environment. The purpose of the article is to substantiate the relevance of the problem of bilingualism in the modern educational system, to analyze the impact of this phenomenon in a multicultural environment. The analysis of psychological and pedagogical sources shows that in view of the tasks facing language education in the modern educational space, concepts such as bilingualism, bilingual education, mother tongue, foreign language, linguistic human rights, language policy deserve attention, monolingualism and related phenomena and concepts. It should be emphasized that bilingual education refers to the use of two or more languages as a means of teaching in a multicultural environment. The impact of bilingualism and bilingual education on society is analyzed in the article. It is noted that in a multicultural environment, the introduction of bilingualism in the system of general secondary education and in the preparation of future specialists is a necessary process in the current conditions of integration into the educational and scientific European and world spaces. The practical significance of the expected scientific results will be the ability to apply the scientific provisions and conclusions of the study in the practical activity of the modern teacher in a multicultural environment; in the course of teaching discipline in higher education institutions; while writing textbooks on theory and practice; during the implementation of applied research and analysis of the development of modern education, the processes of reforming the educationalsystem in accordance with European standards.

Keywords: bilingualism, multiculturalism, bilingual education, types of bilingualism, specialist training, European Union